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AND get paid

Havn's Founder originally had over 250 different FB groups, bonus content on Vimeo, Memberships on Member Mouse, and was looking into Patreon & Substack to take her community to the next level.  She knew there had to be a better way.

A few months later... building Havn was underway

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membership sites are easy as pie!

If you run a women's ministry, host a Bible Study, book club, or run a business that caters to Christian Women, you have found your perfect hosting match.

Havn's platform is the perfect place to host your membership, study, club, prayer group, ministry, or any other faith-based community. 



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no need for design or tech skills,
we take care of everything!

Do you run a women's ministry, or host a community on FB?
Do you have a passion for a certain topic and you've wanted to start a group?
Have you wanted to create a private membership site, but are overwhelmed by the tech?

Well today's your lucky day! We've done the hard work so you don't have to!

Unlike Facebook, you're absolutely allowed to charge membership fees for your Havn group.  We actually encourage it!

Simply upload your content and info, and we will create a beautiful, professional membership experience for your members.



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create consistent income!

We all know it's really difficult, nearly impossibly to grow a business or ministry without any income.  So often I meet community leaders that are so passionate about what they are doing, but they have no idea how to keep doing it because they can't make the finances work.

We are here to help fix that. 

Take your audience to the next level with a members-only area.  Charge a monthly fee for them to opt-in which provides you with consistent revenue and them with a next-level experience.  It's a win, WIN!

Not sure what to charge for?  Have a FB group you want to continue, but you don't know how to integrate something new?  We want to help!



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get off facebook. no ads,
no algorithm, no censorship

Our app was specifically designed to keep members active and engaged. 

Go live to your audience, send push notifications straight to their phone, and engage with them through your own private community.  Take it to the next level by connecting your members with each other.  This will keep them involved for more than just you!  And that's where true passive income is born.

If you want to stay on FB, build out a members only area on Havn with exclusive content.  If you want off the big-tech train, we are here to help you do that too!


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