it's time for some


Is there a desktop version or just an app?

Does Havn have
group messages?

What's the difference between connect & follow?

Yes! We do have a desktop version in addition to
the app.


on your desktop to login

Yes!  You can start group messages with multiple people.  You cannot add people to an existing thread though.  So make sure you have everyone added you need from the beginning.

connect is basically a message request.  the person you want to DM has to approve your connect request before you can send them a message. 

follow means you will be notified when the person posts.  Follow doesn't mean their posts show up in your feed.  only groups you join will show up in your feed.

I just joined. Why isn't there anything in my feed?

Why isn't the person I
followed showing in my feed?

What is a Founder's
Club Member?

the only groups in your feed initially will be "start here" and "havn official".

start here is used to help new members get oriented & won't have new posts.

havn official is where we post updates, new features & announcements.

to see more things in your feed, click the plus symbol at the top right of your screen & join some groups.

follow doesn't mean the same thing on havn as other platforms. we use the word join instead.

to see things in your feed you'll need to "join" groups, not follow them.

follow will just notify you of a person's activity, but all of it won't neces.

Hope that helps!

founder's club members are women we have partnered with similar to sponsorships.  

Their financial support via their membership is how we keep havn going.

their membership includes a private group, ability to promote their products / services, and features in our email to over 10,000 people.

Click here for info on becoming a founding member

Are there any restrictions on what I can post?

Is there an algorithm?

What about censorship?
Can I post anything?

havn is a platform that hosts other communities,  because of that, please respect the rules of each group you join.  Admins are responsible for moderating their own groups.  we have agreements with admins to not allow posts that go against the bible.

promotional posts, invites to dm, sign up for email lists, fundraisers etc, are not allowed unless it is your group or you're a founding member.

no.  that is one of the biggest reasons we created this space.  we want to be a havn - a safe place - where women can be online away from the negativity, agenda, and algorithm of mainstream media.

with havn, you see what you want to see & nothing more.  And if you have your own group, your members see all of your posts too.  it's a win, win.

this is a tricky question.  we don't censor to push our own agenda, or keep people from having their own opinions.  respectful conversations are welcomed.

however, as a biblically-based platform, part of our stewardship is ensuring it stays that way.  because our mission is helping women grow closer to jesus, content that is in opposition to the bible or its truths, will be removed.

feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this.